Moonstone: The Most Renowned Gem

Moonstone is one of the most renowned stone, it is prized for its blue to white texture. Regardless being fragile, this June birthstone is also a famous choice for jewellery. There is a list of business offering gemstone which is prepared by The International Gem Society (IGS), which says the more transparent and colourless the body of a moonstone is and the bluer adularescence is, the higher the value of the moonstone is.

Moonstone is a variety of Orthoclase, and the body colours can range from colourless through the shades of yellow, green, grey, pink, reddish, brown and orange. Moonstone have been associated with fertility, protection and the Moon by people. People those who are jewellery lovers, especially royalty, has been honouring and valuing this gem for centuries. Currently this stone is most popular in Germany and Scandinavian nations, as they are preferred over pearls and alexandrites and also as June birthstones.

Varieties Of Moonstone:

  1. Colourless Moonstone: As described in the name, it is fully transparent with a slight blue sheen to it.
  • Rainbow Moonstone: This moonstone is a crossbreed between labradorite which is highest quality of moonstone available and moonstone.
  • True White: This moonstone is of milky-white colour. It is opaque as compared to colourless moonstone.

Properties of Moonstone

This gem is used for intuition, balance and wishes, it can also help you in channelling your feminine side. It can also help you in distinguishing about what do you want in life and what you don’t.

If you start wearing moonstone on regular basis, you will start noticing that all the negative energies near you will start to get away and eventually you will learn to heal yourself. If the gem is clearer, it will host more colourful luster and will have stronger healing powers.

It also works as protection for travelling, pregnancy and voyaging at sea. It can also help in relieving menstrual problems, cleanse digestive system and can reduce obesity.

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